Spring 2003 Seminar Series on

Computational and Systems Biology



Wednesdays 3-4 PM, McGovern Auditorium, Whitehead Institute/MIT






March 5, 2003


Chris Burge


Bonnie Berger (MIT)


"Discovery of sequence-structure patterns across diverse proteins"

March 19, 2003


Chris Burge


Alexander Van Oudenaarden (MIT)


"Stochastic gene expression: the importance of noise in genetic networks"

April 2, 2003


Drew Endy


James Ferrell (Stanford)


"Biochemical hysteresis as a mechanism for the irreversibility of a cell fate decision"

April 16, 2003



No Speaker (Passover)



May 1, 2003


Bruce Tidor


David Baker (HHMI and University of Washington, Seattle)


"Prediction and design of protein structures and protein protein interactions"

May 14, 2003


Dane Wittrup


Andreas Pluckthun (Univ. of Zurich)


"Protein engineering and directed evolution"

May 28, 2003


Chris Burge


Ernest Fraenkel (Whitehead Institute)


"Structural approaches to bioinformatics: deducing the specificity of transcription factors"



Current schedule of speakers, as of March 19, 2003.



Seminar series organizing committee chair:  Chris Burge,, 617-258-5997