Christopher Burge Laboratory
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Burge Lab Meetings

  • Burge Lab meetings are 3pm to 5pm Wednesdays in room 68-274 unless otherwise indicated.
  • Short presenations are limited to 20 slides and 30 minutes.
  • Round Robin presentations are limited to 3 slides and 15 minutes.
  • Speakers are responsible for audiovisual setup.
  • Speakers are encouraged to bring food the week after their presentation.


Weds, December 6th Daniel + White Elephant
Teusday, December 12th 11 am - 1 pm in 68-121 Round Robin (Peter S.)
Weds, January 10th Ellen
Weds, January 17th Emma
Weds, January 24th Ana
Weds, January 31st Kayla
Weds, February 7th Round Robin (Jennifer, Daniel, Marvin)
Weds, February 14th Maria
Weds, February 21st Peter S.
Weds, February 28th Bridget
Weds, March 7th Marvin
Weds, March 14th Jennifer
Weds, March 21st Daniel
Weds, March 28th Round Robin (Maria, Peter S., Bridget)
Weds, April 4th Emma
Weds, April 11th Kayla
Weds, April 18th Ana
Weds, April 25th Round Robin (Jennifer, Daniel, Marvin)